Sumbangan Untuk Auditorium Serbaguna SMKSK

掀开史中53载的帷幕,从当年的恶名昭彰至近年在人文环境建设的大跃进; 从简陋设备至现今较完善的设施;从师生们的怨声载道至今日史中人史中情, 形成了史中精彩的一部是史册!

史中虽然逆境,却乐观积极面对。 史中雄心壮志地拟于2017年在校园捡起一座耗资约一百六十万令吉的多元化讲堂。 千里之行, 始于足下,史中在四年前已开始筹备,从拟大蓝图到筹募基金,从史中家协的积极配合到有幸得到贵人相助,至今成功筹获约一百万, 但尚缺六百千令吉!


SMKSK aspires to have an auditorium worth RM1.6 Million in the school ground. In order to realize this dream, the school authority has proactively worked hard to prepare proposal for the blue prints and to have fund raising events. Along with the assistance and generosity of the public, we succeeded in raising RM 1 Million. Nevertheless, this amount is not adequate, we are still short of RM600K for the construction to begin.

Now, everyone in SMKSK is working hand in hand, striving to realize this dream. The school sincerely hopes every individual can lend a helping hand to help us in making the completion of the auditorium in reality. The auditorium will greatly benefit our students and also the future generations to come.

Although we are financially very much in need, we are very possible that this difficult dream can eventually become a reality. To quote our school maxim, ‘Make Impossible Possible’, we believe we can make this impossible dream possible.

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